So I have gotten used to my school schedule and so far this semester is probably one of my easiest ones to date so I have been able to experience some fun new things with my free time!

This past weekend I visited San Francisco with a few of my friends and we wanted to see all the parts of San Francisco that we hadn’t seen before.  Previously, all I had done in San Francisco is go to Peer 39, go to Giants games, 49ers games and Alcatraz.  This time we were able to see a lot of things that a lot of people don’t really get to see in San Francisco.  A buddy of mine told me what to do with the day so I pretty much followed his steps.  We went to dinner at an Asian Restaurant and saw a show, then we went to drive around SF when it wasn’t too busy just so we can see the housing and University.  Then we went to Ocean Beach which was absolutely beautiful especially at night. Following that, we went to Hayton Ashberry (which is apparently known for hippies) and we walked around.  It was an awesome trip!

This Friday I will be going to Sacramento with my brothers and we are visiting the Sacramento Kappa Sigma chapter.  That is what is great about being in such a large fraternity, almost anywhere you go you will meet people that have something in common with you and they accept you with open arms.  We are going to be having introductions and then we will start a BBQ and playing Football! I also hope to go hiking and fishing soon with a friend of mine.  Should be a great couple of weekends.

2 thoughts on “Trips!

  1. Going and visiting places, and doing the whole tourist thing is always fun. Getting advise from someone who lives in the town is always better, to get advice about the best food places and good places to go. I’ve been to Ocean beach a few times, and it is pretty nice, I’m pretty sure you can see the Golden Gate Bridge from there.
    Going on all these trips sure does sound like fun.

  2. I’ve been all over the bay area, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to Ocean Beach. There is so much to do in SF, you can’t possibly do everything in a day!

    Haight-Ashbury is one of my absolute favorite places to go. The music, food, and shops are all really cool. Usually not my type of scene at all, but it’s fun.

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