Jameis Winston

Hello friends. I do not usually use blogs to rant, however there is a certain issue that is really disturbing me. Jameis Winston, the Heisman hopeful was found innocent on counts of rape charges.  I would not mind if he was found innocent with a fair case, however, this case seemed to be very tinted.  There was evidence that was omitted including DNA samples from Winston and an inconsistency in medical records.  If this is a case of “going easy” on someone because he is a star athlete, shame on our society. Athletes should not be put on that high of a pedestal and should be held to the same standard as every other citizen. We see it countless times with DUI charges, speeding, domestic violence, etc.  I hope that this is taken to a civil case and that the full array of evidence is brought forward.

I love sports more than the average person, however, I do not care if it is my favorite player or if they are on favorite team, I hope that they obey the law.  How hard is it if you are making millions to just obey the law?  Hold yourself to a higher standard. (Even though Winston is not making millions, he will in the future.)

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