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A common theme that you will notice in college is that pretty much every person loves Netflix.  I am not advocating doing this, but a lot of people have accounts and therefore if you do not want to pay the monthly fee, you can probably find someone that will let you use your account. It is very simple to use and there are zero commercials or ads.  If you are looking for a ton of movies, this might not be the place but they have a lot of television shows and mostly all of the main ones.  Here is a list of the shows I have watched over the years that I would say are well worth a look”

The Office- This is a show that I am currently watching and is the only show that I can describe as perfect. It is slapstick comedy and I enjoy every character on the show.  They all serve a purpose and contribute with their own persona a hilarious element to the show.

Breaking Bad- I am sure that all of you have heard about Breaking Bad from one person or another.  It was mine and a lot of my friend’s obsession for the past couple of years. There are some parts of the show especially towards the end where I wanted to pace back and forth because the show was so intense.  I can see why some people would not like the office but I think this show would captivate any audience from any demographic.

Prison Break- This was a show that I watched a while back, but it is still very memorable.  It has a great plot and a very solid finish.  It is another action show and you’ll grow to love the main character and appreciate his ingenuity.

Greek- I watched a season or two of this show when I was younger and then last year when I went Greek and joined Kappa Sigma.  This show has a lot of elements to it, has a solid story line, and is humorous.  This is another show that I would recommend to all viewers.

The League- I would say that if you follow football, this show will appeal to you in the best way.  I believe the character Taco is played by Jon Lajole. He is a Youtube sensation for making stupid raps that are extremely funny and he plays the most idiotic role in the show.

So those are my best recommendations for Netflix shows, but maybe the best advice I can give you is to not get a Netflix account because it WILL consume you.  Well, get one if you’re bored or really like television shows.  Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Netflix Show Reviews

  1. Netflix became one of my best friends last year when my TV broke. I was looking and watching all sorts of different shows and movies. I actually ended up watching old TV shows that are no longer being aired now like Freaks & Geeks.
    Your suggestions sound pretty interesting, so I might just check them out for myself.

  2. Love Netflix! But even more so I love Breaking Bad! I was one of those who never watched the show while it was on TV, but just recently thought I’d finally give it a try on Netflix and now I am obsessed! I’m currently on the final season like you said pretty intense but I don’t want it to end!

    Good post!

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