Tough Week

This week has been a rather difficult one.  I have had a lot of school work to do including a bunch of quizzes, midterms, labs, and homework. Biology is beating me down because I feel like no matter what I study, it is never on the test.  I do not know where my professor is getting his questions from haha.  We all have those weeks though, it is a part of growing up.  Life isn’t CandyLand where your parents let you win, it is difficult, and the only way to achieve what you want is to go out and work for it.  I have slept 5 hours or less the last week and I am happy that it is almost over, but if you want to chase your dreams sleep, excuses, and complaining will not get you anywhere.

The other week, I wrote an 11 page paper for my accounting class and did not think about saving it.  I was on my last paragraph of the paper and it was 3 AM and my computer randomly shut off.  I was very angry and upset, but I pulled an all nighter and finished in time for my class the following day and it ended up being a 10 page paper.  I told my friends the following morning about what happened and they said that they would have just told the professor and asked for an extension.  The reality is though, no one wants to hear those excuses especially in college.  I should have saved my paper and I learned a valuable lesson to not procrastinate and to save after every page.  I hate to have such a bleak outlook on the world, but the sooner that a person realizes that complaining doesn’t put knowledge into your head, words on a paper, or get the job done in a work setting, the easier your life will become.

In other news, my intramurals are going well still! We played a double-header last night for basketball and won both games.  I think I had about 12 points in the second half of our first game which went down to to the very end.  All three of my teams have a combined record of 8-1 which is a great change for me since last year.  The last two weekends I have done 12 hours of community service, 6 with the Turlock Baptist and 6 with Habitat for Humanity.  This weekend I am doing the Breast Cancer Walk in Sacramento on Sunday and I am probably going to do Habitat again on Saturday.  If you are in high school and applying for colleges, community service is a huge thing that they look for so think about volunteering! Have a good one everybody!!!

3 thoughts on “Tough Week

  1. Awesome John! Thanks for reminding me about my program too. Complaining about my memory won’t help either! I have also slept 4-6 hours a night for the last week. I have also done the same thing in losing a LONG paper in the wee hours and had to re-type it all for World Religions. Good job on the volunteering!

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