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So ever since I have started taking school and my extra curriculars seriously (aka last year) my goal was to apply for the MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) at Stanford and Santa Clara, but recently I have decided to jump start the process.  I started working on my transfer papers to Stanford and I know that it is a long shot and I know that the odds are against me, but it is something that I really want and have been working towards.

When I was in high school, I did not care about school, I did not study for the S.A.T.s and I never studied.  I relied on whatever intelligence I had in order to get by and I was lucky to get into the universities that I got into.  My life path was going a completely different direction and I seemed to have the attitude that I could care less.  I did a lot of growing up my senior year and I decided that this was my last chance to make something of myself.  I worked extremely hard in school and have been able to keep a 3.9, I joined a fraternity and have help a good amount of chair positions, led the biggest fundraiser in the fraternity’s history, and am currently assistant Grand Treasuer and Community Service Chair.  I helped start a club on campus called Young American’s for Liberty and I am the Treasuer, I am the fundraising chair in the pre-law society, and I am a student blogger.

Everyone applying to Stanford will have this sort of resume and probably some that are five times more impressive, so I hope to really capture their emotions in the personal statement and truly show them what kind of person I am, what I could do for their university, and how much it would mean to me to be accepted into one of the top universities in the world.  I am also looking for a way that I can stand out from the crowd by the time I send in my application.  I want to do something huge in the community or get a really good life story.  Let me know if any of you guys have any ideas!

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