Intramurals and my Semester Professor Recommendations!

So my hectic school schedule has still not let up like I thought it eventually might, but at least it seems like most of my due dates are pretty spread out.  Greek week just ended which is a competition of groups of sororities and fraternities that are put into four teams and compete against each other in events such as an obstacle course, dodgeball, penny wars, and a blood drive.  My team got last place and we usually do not do very well in Greek Week so we are looking forward to homecoming and defending our crown!

In between my busy schedule, I have been involved in intramurals where I am the captain of two teams (basketball and football) as well as a member of a dodgeball team that is starting tonight.  I play quarterback for intramural football and so far in our two games we have outscored our opponents 80-0.  In basketball, we played two of the best teams the first two weeks.  We barely lost the first game by six points and won by 2 in our second game in overtime which was a very competitive game.  I got elbowed in the eye and it started bleeding.  I kept playing until the ref told me to go out, I got the bleeding to stop and came back in.  I think I have been playing very well in both sports and my teams are coming together very nicely.  Also, I joined a dodgeball team that has one the last 3-4 championships.  I am excited this year because last year I had torn ligaments in my ankle the whole second semester and the first my team was pretty average.

Last year I recommended professors each semester based on who I had and my experience with them.  If you do not trust me, feel free to go on .

#1 Recommendation- Steven Poole who teaches finite mathematics.  He is probably the best math teacher I have ever had. Math does not by any means come easy to me, but his class has turned into one of my favorites because he teaches in such a clear and helpful way. There are never any surprises, his tests are what he teaches us and he tells us what he expects us to learn.  He is also very kind in the way that he helps during office hours and also made time for me outside of class to take a test because I couldn’t make it during test day.

#2- Not far behind in my business statistics professor Heather Coughlin, who may seem a little too upbeat at first, but you can appreciate her passion for teaching and her class format.  She gives a study guide for tests which is rare in college and they are very helpful. She puts in the extra effort because she knows how hard we work and are invested in our tests so she puts the same amount of work back in.  Neither of these classes are easy, but when you have a great professor they heighten your experience.

#3- Professor Dulai- I have him for my intro to biology class as well as my biology lab and I hear a lot of complaints about biology (I am also one to do so) but most people appreciate him the most.  He uses examples that help you understand the material, he has been published in several different science magazines, and he is funny.  I personally despise biology, it is like another language for me, but I am happy that I am taking it with him.  Homework is worth 50% in this course which is rewarding because any biology course has a lot of online homework.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or want to know other recommended professors that I have taken for undergraduate and business pre-reqs.

2 thoughts on “Intramurals and my Semester Professor Recommendations!

  1. Wow, I wish I’d had a math teacher like the one you described! Math has always been my toughest subject, so having a teacher like that would definitely have helped me. That biology class sounds great too! You really lucked out.

  2. Wow! your very active in intramurals, good for you.
    Good luck!

    I had professor Poole and I agree he’s very kind and always wiling to help his students.

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