So I have gotten used to my school schedule and so far this semester is probably one of my easiest ones to date so I have been able to experience some fun new things with my free time!

This past weekend I visited San Francisco with a few of my friends and we wanted to see all the parts of San Francisco that we hadn’t seen before.  Previously, all I had done in San Francisco is go to Peer 39, go to Giants games, 49ers games and Alcatraz.  This time we were able to see a lot of things that a lot of people don’t really get to see in San Francisco.  A buddy of mine told me what to do with the day so I pretty much followed his steps.  We went to dinner at an Asian Restaurant and saw a show, then we went to drive around SF when it wasn’t too busy just so we can see the housing and University.  Then we went to Ocean Beach which was absolutely beautiful especially at night. Following that, we went to Hayton Ashberry (which is apparently known for hippies) and we walked around.  It was an awesome trip!

This Friday I will be going to Sacramento with my brothers and we are visiting the Sacramento Kappa Sigma chapter.  That is what is great about being in such a large fraternity, almost anywhere you go you will meet people that have something in common with you and they accept you with open arms.  We are going to be having introductions and then we will start a BBQ and playing Football! I also hope to go hiking and fishing soon with a friend of mine.  Should be a great couple of weekends.

Exciting things for the new semester!

Hello everyone,

We just finished our first week back from our month and a half long break!!! I worked a lot on my house over break, painting a lot of trim, stripping the backyard, fixing blinds, filling holes, cleaning a ton, fixing sprinklers, and putting in plants.  Now I am working on re-doing the backyard but the neighbor’s dog does not stop barking so it’s hard to work back there for too long.  After I get done with project I feel so accomplished at the end and it is a great feeling! I went to Monterey for a leadership retreat with 5 of my brothers during the break as well! I also took my first picture with my little!

Homecoming started today with a recycling drive and tomorrow is the pizza factory event where 20% of the proceeds go towards charity. Please do me a favor and go to the pizza factory on monta vista and ask for a flyer and circle the name Kappa Sigma as we seek our 6th Homecoming victory in a row. Homecoming is probably the most fun event of the year where candidates make music videos, perform skits, attend the rally, and finally the homecoming basketball game where everyone shows up and supports our Warriors!

The “core four” as my friends as I like to call ourselves have also been embarking on a ton of adventures which included being up for 30 hours straight starting with going to the Oakland Warriors game versus the Minnesota Timberwolves and ending the time with a 9 hole round of golf.  We decided we are never doing that again!

Like I had mentioned before, I joined the honor’s program this semester and I love my classes thus far.  One of them is a service learning project where we formed small groups and are making a presentation for 5th grade children in an area of Modesto that is considered under-privileged.  I hope to get pictures with the children to blog later on in the semester and hopefully get them to follow my blog later on in order to get them excited about college.  Since there will be a lot of exciting things going on, I will be blogging frequently to document these events!

Happy Holiday’s!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a relaxing and fantastic break.  The holidays are always a special time to spend with our loved ones and spread cheer. It was nice to be able to spend time with my sister for a few weeks over the break.  She is usually in LA because she goes to LMU and is also a residential adviser there as well.  I have had a pretty good break thus far with a few minor setbacks…

I spent Christmas with the family and then spent time with some of my fraternity brothers for New Years Eve.  One of the benefits of being in a very diverse fraternity is that you get to spend a lot of time with people that you may not have spent a lot of time with growing up.  I went over to my little Bro’s house for New Years and every one greeted me with a hug and then they had the best mexico food ever.  It was pretty awesome.  I started doing insanity again and I was super motivated to get back to Turlock, get healthy, and recover from the amount of food I have eaten during the break.  I got done with the fit test (which nearly killed me) then ate some protein, got a nice stretch going, and was ready to do day two the next day. I had it all planned out, I was going to play basketball, then do day two of insanity, play golf with some guys in my fraternity, then relax maybe read or play video games.  This did not happen, however, because during the last point of the basketball game I re-injured the same ankle I injured last year and it swelled up to the size of a golf ball.  Over the last week, I have had to go to the hospital three separate times as well as look after my ankle.  I was told today there may have been a small micro-fracture, but at the very least a severe sprain.  I was able to get the cast off and be free today and I think I will be okay in a couple of weeks and hopefully get back to insanity!

In other news, I have been reading a couple of business books including one by the name of  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which is a book about personal finance that I couldn’t put down.  I would recommend it to anyone, no matter if you are interested in books or not.  I am going to switch things up and start reading a couple fiction books, I think I will start with 1984.  Let me know if you all have any other suggestions!  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the break if they have any of it left and if not, best of luck and we are half way done!!!


Jameis Winston

Hello friends. I do not usually use blogs to rant, however there is a certain issue that is really disturbing me. Jameis Winston, the Heisman hopeful was found innocent on counts of rape charges.  I would not mind if he was found innocent with a fair case, however, this case seemed to be very tinted.  There was evidence that was omitted including DNA samples from Winston and an inconsistency in medical records.  If this is a case of “going easy” on someone because he is a star athlete, shame on our society. Athletes should not be put on that high of a pedestal and should be held to the same standard as every other citizen. We see it countless times with DUI charges, speeding, domestic violence, etc.  I hope that this is taken to a civil case and that the full array of evidence is brought forward.

I love sports more than the average person, however, I do not care if it is my favorite player or if they are on favorite team, I hope that they obey the law.  How hard is it if you are making millions to just obey the law?  Hold yourself to a higher standard. (Even though Winston is not making millions, he will in the future.)

Follow up

I’ve been meaning to do a follow up post after my Thanksgiving Eve post but I was waiting on pictures from my grandma!

This year I had one of the best Thanksgivings of my life.  The last few years it has been sometimes hard to find full company around the holidays, but this year my uncle, my mom, my grandparents, and I spent the day together.  My grandparents live up in the mountains so the day had a great “Thanksgiving feel” to it.  If you are wondering why my sister and I are holding eggs, it is because my grandma is very spontaneous and fun and she thought we should have a turkey egg hunt.  I am almost 20 years old and I still get a hoot out of these adventures.

The meal was fantastic and the company was very warm.  I had a great Thanksgiving and I hope to have as good of a Christmas Day!  In the next couple days, I will post about finals and hopefully some tips that might help!

thanksgiving 1 thanksgiving 2 thanksgiving 3 thanksgiving 4 thanksgiving 5

Thanksgiving Pre-View

This is most likely my favorite holiday to celebrate of the year!!! I love Thanksgiving because it has all three of my favorite things, my family, food, and football!!! There is not much better than all of the conversations, laughs, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, caserole, pumpkin pie. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Last week, I was able to spend a Thanksgiving with my second family, my fraternity.  Kappa Sigma really means a lot to me because my junior and senior year it was just my mom and myself around the house and it was very lonely.  It was hard to have a broken family so when I went to college I really found a family in Kappa Sigma.  They are truly my best friends and almost all of my good memories in college have revolved around them.  I am definitely thankful for them, for the opportunity I have being in America and going to Stanislaus, and I’m thankful for the family that I do have and all of the support they have shown me.

The last couple of days have been hard because my grandma was in a car accident.  She is okay, but shaken up especially because they had thought that her dog was going to die because it was in the accident as well.  You guys probably don’t understand how much they love this dog.  It is seriously like their child and they go nowhere without it.  I’m not sure if my grandma is disabled per say, but she puts a service dog vest on so that she can take the dog into restaurants.  Luckily I got an email today that said that my grandma was feeling a lot better and her dog was okay.  That was a big scare because my grandma is often reluctant to wear a seat belt. I’m just glad that everyone is okay and that my prayers were answered!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Netflix Show Reviews

A common theme that you will notice in college is that pretty much every person loves Netflix.  I am not advocating doing this, but a lot of people have accounts and therefore if you do not want to pay the monthly fee, you can probably find someone that will let you use your account. It is very simple to use and there are zero commercials or ads.  If you are looking for a ton of movies, this might not be the place but they have a lot of television shows and mostly all of the main ones.  Here is a list of the shows I have watched over the years that I would say are well worth a look”

The Office- This is a show that I am currently watching and is the only show that I can describe as perfect. It is slapstick comedy and I enjoy every character on the show.  They all serve a purpose and contribute with their own persona a hilarious element to the show.

Breaking Bad- I am sure that all of you have heard about Breaking Bad from one person or another.  It was mine and a lot of my friend’s obsession for the past couple of years. There are some parts of the show especially towards the end where I wanted to pace back and forth because the show was so intense.  I can see why some people would not like the office but I think this show would captivate any audience from any demographic.

Prison Break- This was a show that I watched a while back, but it is still very memorable.  It has a great plot and a very solid finish.  It is another action show and you’ll grow to love the main character and appreciate his ingenuity.

Greek- I watched a season or two of this show when I was younger and then last year when I went Greek and joined Kappa Sigma.  This show has a lot of elements to it, has a solid story line, and is humorous.  This is another show that I would recommend to all viewers.

The League- I would say that if you follow football, this show will appeal to you in the best way.  I believe the character Taco is played by Jon Lajole. He is a Youtube sensation for making stupid raps that are extremely funny and he plays the most idiotic role in the show.

So those are my best recommendations for Netflix shows, but maybe the best advice I can give you is to not get a Netflix account because it WILL consume you.  Well, get one if you’re bored or really like television shows.  Have a good one!

Congrats to the Women’s Soccer Team

I just wanted to say congratulations to the Women’s soccer team.  This year they went undefeated and won their league championship! I was able to go to the game on Friday night and it was a lot of fun.  It was a packed house rooting for our Warriors and it was a great site to see with all the passion and school spirit going around.  They were down 2-0 and then scored 3 unanswered goals including the final one in overtime that ended the game.  It was an absolute thriller! That was the semifinal game and then they beat Sonoma State in the championship.

Other developments in my life are that I started watching the office which is probably one of the funniest shows that I have seen.  The main actor is Steve Carroll and he acts as a clueless boss in an office setting.  The humor is a bit cruel and sometimes distasteful, but some people like that type of humor.  If you are into those stupid comedy shows I would definitely recommend watching it.

This weekend I went back to Stockton to work on the 8 art projects that I procrastinated on and to hopefully get some rest because of the four day weekend.  So far I have not been able to get a lot of rest, but hopefully I will have better luck tomorrow.  It is so hard to get kick started on life as long as football exists because for me, it does not matter what game is on television, if it is football, I will most likely put off the homework or test that I need to study for.  It is a bad habit, but I am sure a lot of people can relate.

Community Service and Social!

securedownloadphoto 1photo 2photo 3

Hello all! Lately I have been doing a lot of community service and I thought I would share what I have done with you.  My brothers and I went to the Breast Cancer Walk in Sacramento a couple of weekends ago and it was a lot of fun.  The event is huge and I would guess that a couple of thousand people showed up but it could have been a lot more.  A few of my brothers had their heads shaved to raise awareness.  I would have, but my hair is already very short.  The other picture on the far right is from the event I hosted for my fraternity, Habitat for Humanity.  Ever since this event, I have been volunteering with them on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.  I have put in a total of 25 hours so far with Habitat and I absolutely love it.  It is for a great cause because it gives equity to families by giving them low costing loans with no interest from the banks.  It is both a privately and publicly funded operation.  Because I do not need the hours for school, I can donate my hours to a family which I have done.  It is very rewarding and they are very thankful because the family I donate my hours to need 500 hours in Habitat for Humanity in order to move into their new house.  Most of the families have children so it is very hard for them to get 500 hours and it often takes years.  So hopefully I will be able to get them two hundred hours or so the next year to help them a great deal.  This year I have done 41 hours of community service so far!

The picture on the left is from the Del’Osso Farms corn maze social.  That event also had a lot of people and this is the group that I hung out with in the maze! The social was a good time and I’m glad we got to hang out with the Alpha Xi Delta’s! Hope you are all getting through school and remembering to relax. Have a good one everybody!



Tough Week

This week has been a rather difficult one.  I have had a lot of school work to do including a bunch of quizzes, midterms, labs, and homework. Biology is beating me down because I feel like no matter what I study, it is never on the test.  I do not know where my professor is getting his questions from haha.  We all have those weeks though, it is a part of growing up.  Life isn’t CandyLand where your parents let you win, it is difficult, and the only way to achieve what you want is to go out and work for it.  I have slept 5 hours or less the last week and I am happy that it is almost over, but if you want to chase your dreams sleep, excuses, and complaining will not get you anywhere.

The other week, I wrote an 11 page paper for my accounting class and did not think about saving it.  I was on my last paragraph of the paper and it was 3 AM and my computer randomly shut off.  I was very angry and upset, but I pulled an all nighter and finished in time for my class the following day and it ended up being a 10 page paper.  I told my friends the following morning about what happened and they said that they would have just told the professor and asked for an extension.  The reality is though, no one wants to hear those excuses especially in college.  I should have saved my paper and I learned a valuable lesson to not procrastinate and to save after every page.  I hate to have such a bleak outlook on the world, but the sooner that a person realizes that complaining doesn’t put knowledge into your head, words on a paper, or get the job done in a work setting, the easier your life will become.

In other news, my intramurals are going well still! We played a double-header last night for basketball and won both games.  I think I had about 12 points in the second half of our first game which went down to to the very end.  All three of my teams have a combined record of 8-1 which is a great change for me since last year.  The last two weekends I have done 12 hours of community service, 6 with the Turlock Baptist and 6 with Habitat for Humanity.  This weekend I am doing the Breast Cancer Walk in Sacramento on Sunday and I am probably going to do Habitat again on Saturday.  If you are in high school and applying for colleges, community service is a huge thing that they look for so think about volunteering! Have a good one everybody!!!